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Sushi Bake

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Hey, you! I've been seeing lots and lots of trends on social media since the lockdown. First, there was the Dalgona Coffee (click here for the post). Supermarkets suddenly ran out of flour and eggs because people were making their own bread. There was a period of Cinnamon Rolls and Banana Bread. But now? That's definitely gotta be Sushi Bake!

Sushi Bake is essentially deconstructed Sushi Roll, which is baked like a casserole. It isn't popular here in France yet, so I knew that if I wanted to try some I would have to make some myself.

This is a really easy recipe, I swear! I thought I would use the same usual ingredients I use when I make Sushi Roll. I've seen some recipes using cream cheese, but I wanted to go simple first. How was it, you might ask? Honestly, it was .... wow!! 😋 Even I was surprised on how good it turned out. Of course, I had to adapt and go Frenchie a little because finding the right ingredients can be a little complicated.

Next step, trying out salmon and cream cheese.

Sushi Bake


3 cups Sushi rice, cooked

3 tbsps Sushi rice vinegar seasoning

250g crabmeat sticks

1/4 cup Japanese kewpie mayonnaise


Fish Eggs

Seasoned individual nori sheets


  1. Prepare the different ingredients needed for this dish.

  2. First, add the sushi rice vinegar seasoning to the white rice. The rice should be warmed for this. Mix well.

  3. Second, roughly chop the crabmeat sticks.

  4. Third, add the mayonnaise. Make sure that the crabmeat is well-coated. Don't hesitate to add more if desired.

  5. Fourth, the Furikake. I couldn't find any, so I made my own mixture of nori flakes and roasted sesame seeds.

  6. Now that we have prepared the ingredients needed, let's assemble our Sushi Bake.

  7. In a baking dish, transfer the seasoned rice and flatten.

  8. Then, add the furikake on top of the rice.

  9. Next, add the crabmeat-mayo mixture.

  10. Finally, top with the fish egg. I couldn't find any Ebiko / Tobiko, so I got whatever red fish eggs I could find in the supermarket. It was a bit saltier than Japanese fish egg, but still very good.

  11. Bake in a 180 degrees Celsius pre-heated oven for 10 minutes.

  12. Use individual seasoned nori sheets as wrap for the sushi bake.

  13. Enjoy! ❤️😋

xoxo Elodie

P.S. Next time you're going to a Potluck party and don't know what to bring, think of a Sushi Bake!

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