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Killer Coaster | Season 1

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

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Hey, you! 😊

I am loving Prime Video at the moment! After watching The Summer I Turned Pretty, I thought I would check out what other series / movies they have and I haven't been disappointed so far!

In fact, we just finished Killer Coaster. At first, I thought it was an American series, but when I took a closer look at the cover photo, I realized that the main characters were French actresses (two of them are sisters!) and I thought, "Cool, I wanna watch this!". From experience, French series are good, but also filled with a lot of drama and I thought this one looked very different to what I was used to. I mean, just from the title itself - so different from anything else French I've ever seen.

Anyways ...

It's the summer of 1998 in Pavalas-les-Flots, a relatively calm and quiet touristic beach spot in the southeast of France. That summer is special because it is also the football world cup and we all how well that went for the French soccer team. Killer Coaster is the story of a French policewoman who feels quite useless in her current job. She wants action ... and giving out car fines just doesn't provide her with that. Her life is boring until she starts investigating a suspicious death at the fete foraine (funfair). She imagines herself being an FBI agent and infiltrates the festival in order to find out what's going on. Was this an accident, paranormal activity, or is there an actual killer freely going around the fair?

Each episode is about 30+ minutes so it's not too long and ends just when something interesting is about to unfold. In fact, it reminded me of how American series are. They know exactly how to keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting for more. I loved that they did this with this series. In fact, we watched the last four episodes in one go because we just couldn't go to bed without knowing the end.

The casting was quite good. Led by amazing women (Alexandra Lamy, Audrey Lamy, and Chloé Jouannet), one is a police officer, the second is the head of a foraine family who is in constant power struggle to prove that she is enough to lead them, and the third is a young woman in search of her identity and love.

The main plot takes place at the funfair and I truly felt like I was in a French fete foraine with them. I have an obsession with fete foraine by the way. In fact, there is a museum in Paris I am dying to visit one day - Musée des Arts Forains. 🥰🥰

There were lots of twists and turns. At one point, we went through each character thinking they were the killer until no one was left! Hahaha More than a few times, we wondered out loud, "If not him / her, then who did it???" And that's what I love about thrillers whether it's in books or series. When they get me analyzing each scene, then you know I'm hooked.

I thought that the plot was original and I highly recommend it, especially with Halloween coming up. It's got that vibes.

It's a little bit of suspense, a pinch of comedy, and a dash of romance. It was a series that we honestly thoroughly enjoyed and I'm curious to see what the negative reviews online are all about (if there are any)!

What series have you been watching lately? 😊

xoxo Elodie

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