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Lentilles et ses Saucisses - Thermomix

Hey, you! A couple of weeks ago, which seems like forever ago, a trainee of mine was talking about this Thermomix recipe. As a busy single father, he kept going on and on about how much he loved his Thermomix. I have one as well (click here), but in that conversation I realised that I really don't use it as often as I probably should. Anyways, as I was doing an inventory of my kitchen pantry, I found a bag of Lentilles verses / green lentils. This was gifted to me a month ago by my great-aunt and I had yet to find a use. What a coincidence!

Lentilles et ses Saucisses (Thermomix)

-I used the recipe found on the Cookomix site (click here), although I made a few changes


1 onion

2 carrots

150g lardons (French bacon)

250g lentilles vertes (green lentils)

600g water

1 cube beef broth

1tbsp mustard

8-10 Knacks sausage

1 pinch salt

2 pinch black pepper

1 bay leaf

15 coriander leaves

I just followed the instructions on the Cookomix site. It took about an hour to prepare.

So delicious!! 😋😋

xoxo Elodie

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