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Lip Care Routine - for soft lips!

Hey, you! Let's talk lip care today! 💋

Waxing / shaving, hair care, skin care, body scrub, suntan lotion, hand care ..... ahhh!! Two words - time-consuming. I'm all for the Sunday afternoon self-ritual but when it takes the whole afternoon? Not so much!

My Lip Care Routine is not just part of my Sunday ritual. I like doing this every evening before going to sleep. Regular lip care can help keep your lips soft and smooth. One of my worst habit is picking at chapped lips which can be painful. Ouchie ...

Lip Care Routine

First things first, I wash away any lipstick or gloss on my lips.

Then, I exfoliate using Trifle Cosmetics - Lip Sorbet at least 2-3 times per week. This is about 99% natural and smells amazing!

I used to use my index finger, but now I use Daily Concepts - Lip Scrubber with its finger handle for easy application (this is a silicon lip brush that removes dry skin and increase circulation).

Finally, I apply The Body Shop - Born Lippy lip balm (the strawberry one has been my favorite for more than 20 years). I like to try out different kinds of lip balm, but I also like to come back to this lip balm.

xoxo Elodie

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