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The First Day of our Summer Family Trip 2022 | Podcast

Updated: Jan 14

Hey, you! 😊

After what seemed like an eternity, we finally made it to the airport to meet up with the Husband's aunt. We were about 2 hours late, but thankfully she didn't mind. The Paris airport was surprisingly not as busy as I thought it would be. I know that at the moment there aren't any Chinese tourists from China and you really can tell the difference!

Anyways, here's a little tip from me to you if you're planning on going to the Paris Airport (Aeroport Charles de Gaulles) from the city. If you can, I would totally recommend taking a taxi or Uber instead of the train. We took the RER, which is a train that connects Paris to the suburbs. It cost us a little over 30€ for the three of us. Thankfully, no mishap happened on the train that day (this actually happens a lot!) but it still took us forever to get to the airport! A taxi or Uber would have cost us around 40€, so I did regret my choice about taking the RER.

RER Train Station

Anyways ...

As it was already about 4pm, our first priority was to get to the hotel. This time around we took a taxi - it was wayyyy more comfortable for sure!

For the first part of our trip, we stayed at Hotel Terre Neuve. The next post will be all about it. Please make sure to take a look at it to know how our stay went and whether I recommend the hotel or not! Honestly, I am always a bit hesitant about online reviews. Nowadays, I truly prefer word of mouth. At least you personally know who to blame if the hotel turns out to be shitty. 😅😅 But also keep in mind that all is relative - what's nice for one might not be the case for another.

The plan was to check-in, unpack, and rest for an hour before going out to visit Le Sacré-Coeur or the Sacred Heart Basilica. Turns out that we were wayyy more tired than we thought and everyone ended up taking a nap. We had separate rooms (the Husband and I shared one and S and the Husband's aunt were in the other) and all that time we thought the Husband's aunt was napping so we didn't want to disturb her. But it was actually S who was sleeping! We wouldn't have disturbed her either if we thought it was her, but it's funny how we just automatically assumed that it was the Husband's aunt. I can still remember the Husband and I feeling ready to go out and wondering why S wasn't answering our messages or calls! We even put our ears to their door and tried to listen to see if they were awake. 😂😂 Turns out, the Husband's aunt had barely rested, while S slept until 6:30pm (which is when we finally decided to knock on their door to see what was happening!) Hahaha! It just goes to show that it's never too wise to assume and that communication goes a long way!

As Le Sacré Coeur closes at 7pm, it was too late to go there so we decided to just chill at the hotel, order some take-out food, and catch up.

For dinner, we had food delivered from Street Bangkok - Roast Club. We discovered this little gem the last time we were in Paris (click here for the post). This time we ordered the Pork Croustillant (Crispy Pork), Pad See Ew Noodles, Poulet Gai Yang (Thai Chicken), and Kai Lan Sautés (Stir-Fried Kai Lan). Unfortunately, they don't make Chicken Inasal anymore, but everything we ordered was super delicious! That Crispy Pork is to die for! I am already looking forward to our next Paris trip. Hihihi.

We were super tired from the excitement, getting up early, bus problems, hitchhiking, taking the RER - it was a lot! In hindsight, we really needed to rest.

I try to remind myself that it's important to listen to the body. We might not want to acknowledge it or see it at times, but the body does not get tired for no reasons. While our minds might be ready to go for it, sometimes we just need a rest. Which is, in fact, exactly what we needed especially with all the adventures ahead of us!

xoxo Elodie


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2 commenti

Setitra McCain
Setitra McCain
01 ago 2022

Beautiful post, can't wait to hear more about your trip! Sounds like you all needed that rest from traveling. Looking forward to more!

Mi piace

01 ago 2022

I never had a keen interest to visit Paris. Just never seem like a place that I would vacation. However, I love its food culture and that's is an experience that is worth a short visit. The food from Street Bankok-Roast Club you ordered appears delicious. Thanks for sharing your travel experiences.

Mi piace
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