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Weekly Meal Plan: May 22-28, 2023

Updated: May 22, 2023

Hey, you! 👩‍🍳

The Weekly Meal Plan that I prepared this week isn't exactly what we will be eating this week. Oh wait, actually it is, but it's the food I'm preparing for our celebration on Sunday and I will make a little extra for us during the week.

We are celebrating our daughter's confirmation this week. For her communion several years ago, we opted to have it at an event place. I haven't written about it here, but here's a post I wrote during that time. Click here for the post. A few years after that, she decided to celebrate her Profession of Faith. Unfortunately, it was during the first year of Covid. This was a period where we couldn't invite and celebrate with a group of people yet. Click here for the post. Later this week, we will be celebrating her confirmation with friends and family and we decided to have a garden party. I'm hoping I will be able to write all about it here in a couple of weeks.

You will notice on the weekly meal plan several Filipino dishes - these will definitely be part of our celebration on Sunday. It wouldn't be a legit Filipino feast without Lumpia, Bam-I, and Lechon Liempo, right? 😂😂

xoxo Elodie

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